DeskActive stretch reminder software leads you to stretching at your computer

Tied to a desk?
DeskActive keeps your body moving

Your desktop becomes a personal trainer with DeskActive break software
These animated stretches give your body musculosketal breaks throughout the day

What is DeskActive?

DeskActive is ergonomic software that reminds you to stretch at your desk. With over 300 animated 3D stretches and exercises, plus more than 1,000 health and wellness advice tips, DeskActive brings health and wellness benefits to the desktop.

"DeskActive is an intelligent solution to the inability of our healthcare workforce to..."

Dr. David Dembo
Dr. David Dembo

Leader - Health and Human Services Microsoft Australia

Explore DeskActive

See how it works

Watch the DeskActive getting started to learn how taking stretch breaks and doing desk stretches throughout your day can help

Take a look at our video for a preview of the benefits and features of DeskActive.

Bodies are made to move

By using the DeskActive ergonomic software throughout the day, stretching at your desk has never been easier. Stretches focus on back, neck, arms, wrists and fingers.

Find out how taking frequent stretch breaks from sedentary work, and moving your body throughout the day, can make a big difference in overall health and well-being.


Sitting is bad for business

Keep your employees moving by implementing the DeskActive ergonomic software for rest reminders and rest breaks during the day.

Implementing DeskActive in the workplace is good for employee health and good for business. See what the research says. Taking active breaks can help.

DeskActive News

  • DeskActive now available in browser version; new pricing

    The browser version makes the product even more versatile for organizations or more

  • Optimae LifeServices to provide DeskActive to enhance worker health

    The desktop application is a solution to enhance the company's worksite wellness more